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List of Articles in the Library

Advice & Planning 

My retirement plan - by (Retirement Consultant) Bernard Kelly.

Planning for retirement - Your Personal Guide 

Your 401b is more about taxes than savings

Early Retirement Planning - Your Focus is on Personal Happiness

The best retirement advice - unlearn your expectations, then relearn the future.

Couples find ultimate plan for retirement

What to do in retirement - with all that time?

The question "what to do after retirement?" begs the broader question: "Why retire?"

When you're planning for early retirement in your mid 50s - you need to consider the next 40 years ahead

Great retirement advice covers all five components of a successful retirement - not just your finances

Frugal Living is when we learn not to spend money on non-essentials; it's not about living cheaply

Retirement countdown calculator - you're running out of birthdays!

Baby Boomers Retirement News

How to make changes to your Retirement Direction

Jobs & Extra Income

How to Earn Extra Income? A job (either full time or part time) or some form of self employment? 

Why is average retirement income so low?

Extra Income Magazine: "profitable hobbies" for a comfortable retirement

Career Change after 50 - five highly recommended books.

How to get the most out of career change counselling

Successful internet business ideas - a basic guide

Why jobs for senior citizens don't actually exist

Mid life career changes need careful planning to be successful.

When you're over 50, paid employment is hard to find - but there are solutions.

Permanent part-time jobs for seniors don't really exist, but there are solutions

Baby Boomers Retirement News

Baby Boomer Retirement Jobs are mostly invisible - but they are there

Retirement Income - Making It Last is a hot topic for baby boomers and Extenders

Create Immediate and Retirement Income

Most worthwhile jobs after retirement tend to involve some form of self-employment

With innovative retirement strategies, jobs are just waiting to be found

Where to Retire

Top Retirement Locations in the USA - and how to find on-going mental stimulation.

The pros and cons of 55 plus retirement communities.

College Towns can be some of the best Active Retirement Communities.

France has everything you need for a long and comfortable retirement

Small town communities will always welcome retirees

University linked retirement communities offer both formal & informal academic programs

The best baby boomer retirement destinations satisfy the five basic pillars

An improved lifestyle

For a happy retirement, Stay Active

Solutions for Retirement Stress

Practical solutions to Retirement and Financial Stress

Background - those broad statistics for the baby boomer cohort

Finding happiness in retirement.

Frugal retirement tips

One-on-One Professional Counseling

Now available via Sykpe.  Confidential counselling about your health, family & friends, money, location, lifestyle and your zest for living

Retirement Gift Suggestions

Retirement Gift Suggestions - this one will keep giving forever

Saving for Retirement

Retirement Investment Plans Are Worthwhile - But Can Be Difficult.

A 401k Retirement Calculator Can Only Tell You "You Won't Have Enough"

401k Advice - when you're in late career

401k Retirement Plans were only ever designed to complement the company pension plan - not replace it

Should you ever withdraw funds from your retirement savings account, use it to buy a .... Laundromat!

The best retirement funds are those that you manage yourself.

The best retirement investments are ... single family, suburban houses

How to generate an income with the proceeds of your 401k savings account

A Federal Retirement Calculator is a very, very basic tool in predicting your eventual savings pool

Beware - Most Financial Planning Retirement Planners are too constrained to be able to help retirees

Take your maximum IRA withdrawal and back your own investment decisions

Your maximum Social Security Benefit will never be enough - but here's an option to boost your cash income

Property Investing

How to invest money from your payout

Investing after retirement is as much about watchfulness as about new vision

Your best investment for retirement is ... Houses!

Property Investment Guide - a Professional Shares 30 Years of Acquired Wisdom

Yes, baby boomers retirement savings are inadequate - and Yes, there are solutions

Best investment for retirement is residential real estate - definitely!

Investment Property Townsville - A Superior Investment for Your Retirement

Successful Brisbane property investing

Australian Property Investment Strategies - Examples of Proven Case Studies

Why Retirement Investing Advice is failing, but here's the solution

Negative gearing and investment properties are partners in creating wealth

Investment Property Depreciation is available TWICE!

Profitable Retirement Hobbies

Profitable Hobbies -as a micro business - generate income

The best retirement business ideas are generally "profitable hobbies"

Look for a retirement income opportunity with the potential to generate serious hobby income  

To make money fast from home, upload images of whatever you see around you. 

Remember - in your retirement plan INCOME can also come from profitable hobbies

To ensure a comfortable retirement, you'll need a post retirement income

Retirement income strategies include running a micro business part-time

Hobbies for Seniors provide mental stimulation and even extra income.

Here are 16 retirement hobbies that make money

Develop an online business

To ensure a comfortable retirement, you'll need a post retirement income

Find an extremely narrow niche for your on-line business, then write specifically for its associated keywords

Use YouTube to establish your online business.

A guide to a successful retirement internet business

Baby Boomers Retirement News

Cruises and Travel

When you're retired travel to Europe is very doable

You May Also Be Interested In 

Are baby boomers retiring without adequate life skills?

American Seniors Association is a worthwhile buying group for retirees.

Retirement Speeches

Knockout Sample Retirement Speeches - (1) by the retiree (2) to the retiree

Both retirement speaches - yes both - should focus on Reinvention

Those perfect words for retirement can be difficult to find.

Construct memorable retirement speaches - the craft of a professional speach writer

User-Friendly retirement speech examples - the total package (for either speech)

Retirement speeches for coworkers - ten simple, effective rules

Choose your retirement farewell speech: (a) are you the host or (b) the retiree?

Poignant Farewell Quotes - for every retirement

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