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Personal Retirement Counselling Service - we can help you with confidential discussions about your health, family & friends, money, location, lifestyle and your zest for living -
all via Skype

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A retirement counselling service which understands your concerns about retirement

Hello, I'm Bernard Kelly and we offer a holistic retirement counselling service via Skype - we offer professional assistance to help you explore a whole range of your personal retirement issues and options.  

Sometimes it's difficult to find the best retirement advice - but we do have it all covered for you here!  When you need advice planning retirement, either pre or post retirement, we're ready to assist.

Most of our consultations address common issues such as (but not exclusively):

Retirement Advice and Planning

Money and Investing

Jobs and Extra Income

Where to Retire


Hobbies and "Profitable Hobbies"


Retirement Stress (including elder abuse) 

an evaporating/disappearing inheritance

Dementia and Alzheimer's   


The retirement industry has brainwashed us to concentrate our thoughts on the positive side of retirement: however if you are facing the darker side of retirement, we are aware of what can go wrong and offer strategies to help you handle it.  

This is a retirement counselling service that understands the social, mental, physical and spiritual impact of retirement (as well as practical issues relating to money) and creates an safe place for open discussion. 

Then we'll support you as you develop and maintain an action plan to help yourself deal with change. 

Professional fees for Retirement Counselling Service

Our professional fees are

                                                                                                           Secure Payments - via PayPal

Consulting/Training      one hour    $75                                                                 BUY NOW

                                        five hours   $300  (valid for 12 months)                         BUY NOW

Custom Research          $100 per hour                                     one hour              BUY NOW

                                                                                                        two hours            BUY NOW

                                                                                                        three hours         BUY NOW

You will need to include us on your Skype address list - we are  bernard.kelly1944  and then let us know (via email):

  • your personal Skype address, and
  • the most convenient date and time for your first consultation. 

Our email is   and remember to advise us of (a) your location and (b) your time zone.  

We have been assisting private clients with similar discussions for over 30 years, and our consultations have often been wide-ranging.   We look forward to helping you resolve the issues that you are facing - right now.

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My book "Creative Retirement Planning" includes the best retirement strategies I have discovered in 30 years of assisting family, friends and private clients.  

Benefit from my experience to enhance your retirement whether by improving your finances, your health or your quality of life.  

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This site is for EXTENDERS and their non-financial retirement lifestyle

EXTENDERS belong to that demographic who  understand that "middle age" now extends well into their retirement

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