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Make Money Fast From Home – Upload Multiple Photos Of Everyday Items

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You can make money fast from home simply by uploading photographs on to the web.  

This is actually a standout approach to generating additional income in retirement, principally because it's your business, and you are in total control.

As you know, I’m a great believer that you should avoid retirement and stay alive but of course you need an additional income stream to boost your inadequate 401k payout. It's part of the jigsaw that you try to solve with a prudential retirement plan

Which I why I’m happy to keep you abreast of my thoughts on any type of a profitable hobby, which is basically a make money from home business.  

Outdoor image photography ticks all the boxes - you could specialize in flowers, football spectators, marching bands etc however to have a business you must be able to source product (i.e. images in this example) and then find clients willing to buy from you.

Make Money Fast from Home

If you don’t have many resources in your retirement, you want to make money fast from home.

Amateur photography ticks all the boxes. Let me explain – because I’m ahead of you and I’m answering the question: “how to sell your photographs”.

Retirement of course is a stupid word – the root in the dictionary definition is “to withdraw from society, introverted” but that really doesn’t have any relevance to today’s seniors, when a better diet, improved fitness and medical breakthroughs mean that 70 is the new 50.

And the whole notion of the retirement age of 65 is based on a politician’s election platform in 1880 – it was part of Otto von Bismarck policies when creating the German nation. But in those days very few people lived to 65.

The five pillars of retirement – no one knows today what "retirement" means exactly, but let’s say it’s those 25-30 years after age 65 - are your finances, your health & well being, family & friends, your finances, best place to retire and your zest for living. And money is probably the most important of these four, as money allows you to have options.

Now you can make money fast from home with amateur photography in your retirement – for example simply by photographing mail boxes in your locality.

No – I’m not kidding. I’ll repeat myself - by photographing mail boxes that you pass by every day, you could generate a comfortable supplemental income and make money fast from home. You need to photograph hundreds of the one subject, so my suggestion is to think about easily found subjects e.g. fences, flowers, roads, football spectators, marching bands, your grandchildren, cakes etc

You can read many impractical articles about how to earn extra income (generally written by journalists stilling in an office, with no real-world experience) however this article: uploading images is a business has widespread and general application.

Potential Earnings

All you need is a modern camera phone, and your computer. You go out and take the images, then load them up onto the web, to on-line depositories.

That’s where people who need photos go to download them (for a very modest fee – of which you get a share).

You can expect to earn $1 per month for every image that you offer for sale through these depositories.  For example, Shutterstock pays 25 cents for each image of yours that is downloaded by its clients, and if you have thousands of images available, your income can grow substantially.

This is what you do: one day one, you walk around your locality and photo every letterbox you pass (or rather those on the side of the street facing south – to ensure you have good sunlight). Let’s assume that you end up with 200 images on your phone, which after your look at them carefully, you realize that only 50 will be of an acceptable quality.

So on day two, rather than watching mindless television, you up-load these 50 images, so you can now expect to earn $50 per month from each cache of 50 that are downloaded..

Then - evenings again - on days three and four, you upload these same images to an additional three depositaries, which gives you a total potential, eventual, income of $200 per month or $2,400 a year.  

Then next month, spend a day in another locality, again photographing letterboxes, and at the end of that week you will be en route to earning an additional $2,400 per year - that's now $4,800 each year, just after two months effort.

Do the numbers - after six months that becomes an income of $14,400 per year, in perpetuity!  And so on.  

This is a simple but profitable hobby - one day per month outdoors, followed by some hours the following week uploading your images.   It's a numbers game - the more you upload, the more opportunity there is for downloads (and income for you).

CASE STUDY - my wife has an interest in outdoor furniture, so we often visit new display homes in the suburbs on weekends.  I can readily take 200 images, of which perhaps 40-50 are of acceptable quality to be uploaded to depositories.   When it comes boring, we take a few months off, then go at it again.

Next Year

The trick is the routine, which requires you to take multiple images of something very common, and easily accessible. This is how to make money fast from home. In business terms, it a very quick way to establish  very profitable work from home business.

But the revenue potential - $28,800 pa in perpetuity – is not to be overlooked.

Next year, you could try a different subject – and my suggestion would be outdoor entertainment settings. These are easy to find – you can visit homes for sale, or even better go to new housing developments and wander out to the rear of the display homes. You’ll be able to take perhaps ten images at every new house that you visit.

So by the end of year two, if twenty five percent of your raw images were used, your income from this very profitable hobby would be $56,000.

And so on. There will be no need to stop.

You'll be the envy of your family, friends and colleagues with this method to make money fast from home. Particularly as your maximum social security benefit will never be enough -  and which as we all know, may well be forced to gradually reduce its payments.

Additional Inspiration

If - after you have read this page and need further inspiration - you will find other suggestions for 37 very profitable hobbies in the hands-on manual that emerged from the responses to my newsletter on this site.

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