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Jobs After Retirement Are Plentiful - But You Have To Create Them Yourself

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Full time, permanent well paid jobs after retirement don't actually exist - the facts are clear.

(1) Let's say you've been working in a warehouse.  But once you leave, you'll be floundering to find anything comparable.   

But the opportunity is there for you to establish yourself as a consultant - you know the problems in the industry, you have ideas to correct them, and you know which firms will pay you for that solution.  

(2) Or suppose you're an attorney, and after a few months of retirement you decide you'd like to get back into the routine of going to the office every day.  But will you old firm have you back? Very unlikely.

The reasons are complex, however it only took a day or two after you had left that someone had moved into your office, and was handling your files.  They won't now like the thought of being displaced.  

And the managing partner will have doubts about how long you'll be around this time.    The best that you could hope for is one or two days a week, handling insignificant matters.

(3) A school teacher can establish a practice connecting students with tutors, and advising parents on practical options for children having difficulties at school.

(4) If you're a nurse - well, you'll be able to keep working for as long as you wish.  

(5) What if you're in the military?  Now you definitely know that once your day arrives, you're no longer required tomorrow.   And often years of planning may not deliver to you a regular paid job in subsequent years.  

But why not start a specialist shop-window emergency replacement service?  

leaving the office for the last time

Jobs after retirement are the ones you create for yourself

Most of us, at age 65, are in excellent mental and physical health, and want to make a contribution for say the next 10-15 years.

Let's say you're a sales assistant in a swim wear boutique.  

When you retire - or are retrenched - you would have enough knowledge to start your own brand.  

You're too young to retire, but if - for whatever reason - you no longer have the routine of going to work every day, then you could start your own brand, and sell it on the internet.  You really only need a brand name that will hook visitors to your site, as postage - to any destination - will be minimal for such a light weight article.

Or if you have some expertise in a growing industry - such as wind farms - you could readily set yourself up as a consultant.  This is a key strategy to finding jobs after retirement.

Perhaps you like to create your own fishing lures - now that's a hobby that could become a very "profitable hobby" with just a simple website, and a few images.  

How to proceed

When you think about this approach to creating jobs after retirement, you will realise that you are - effectively - becoming an entrepreneur.   Maybe not in the style that would qualify you for an article in a business magazine, but you would certainly qualify in the junior ranks.

Now it has become obvious that you can't rely on permanent paid employment in retirement - those jobs for seniors no longer exist - however a specialist college professor would say that we all need a retirement financial plan, and maybe he would be right, but life is not linear, so it's important to keep some flexibility.

There are many ways to make extra money for your retirement,  and I can tell you some that stand out.  Retiree employment is more about hope than reality, however part-time jobs are an obvious option (provided you are younger than 70 and can find an employer who likes your skill set) as would be a genuine internet business that you can work from home.

But self employment is outstanding option for any retiree. offers something similar for the young unemployed and bored.  This is how they recommend that their clients proceed:

       Challenge 1: Think Like A Job Creator

       Challenge 2: Create A Brand

       Challenge 3: Build An MVP (Minimum Viable Product)

       Challenge 4: Acquire A Customer

       Challenge 5: Pitch An Idea

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