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The Best Places To Retire
Find and Rank Them

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The best places to retire Find Them Now needs a ranking system to be comparable, however such questions need to be put into the broader perspective of planning for retirement - your next 20-25 years.   

And the issues there are your finances, your health, family & friends and your zest for living under the umbrella concept of satisfying retirement sentiments, personal happiness and well being.

And of course, you still have your "better years" ahead of you, so you still might want to consider the Top Ten Holiday Destinations or perhaps some stimulating retirement vacations options.  Or you might just decide to retire at home.

But you will need stimulation to enjoy your later years.  One suggestion that I have been offering for the past fifteen years is to buy a sail boat.   Not one that you will need to find a crew, no - what I have in mind is just a small and simple boat, that you can keep on a trailer.   Then whenever you feel the need to get out on the water, just tow it to a boat ramp and away you go.  

For a broader examination of your plans for the best places to retire Find some in this book "Living Well in Retirement" by Cynthia Yates. It is worth a read when researching in your pre-retirement phase.

North Carolina

If you think that you've done adequate pre-retirement research, but are still considering the best places to retire Find some commentary on North Carolina.  It should be on your final list - particularly if you like golf, because it promotes itself as the “Golf Capital of the World”.

Then there's the Great Smoky Mountains National Park - the nation’s busiest national park, which attracts 10 million visitors each year.

There are three distinct regions - the Atlantic Coast, the Mountains, and the Piedmont Plateau between those two.

Of the three main cities - Asheville, Raleigh, Charlotte - I like Asheville the best.  And of course you're not too far from some of the major tourist destinations, such as those 75 museums in Washington DC. 

Asheville is not large, population is 85,000, it's in the mountains, the cost of housing is modest, but most importantly the Osher Lifelong Learning Institute at UNC Asheville offers pretty much anything you could be looking for in the way of continuing education!

Asheville has also been cited by the AARP Modern Maturity magazine: "one of the 50 Most Alive Places to Be” and another of MM's articles ranked it as one of the “Best Places to Reinvent Your Life.”

Another side benefit of living in a vibrant community is that you will find friends with common interests - such as developing a "profitable hobby" or a genuine small online magazine business using the technology available from Sitesell.


                                                                                              (image courtesy Jerome Chamber of Commerce)

Of course, if you need a particular destination that will entice the grandkids to visit, well Arizona - as home to the Grand Canyon, the cliff dwellings of the Anasazi people, and the OK Corral in Tombstone - should rate highly on your list.

The very hot and dry summer weather may be a shock for snowbirds, so you may need to maintain two homes, one for winter and one for summer.

But that's always an option when considering best places to retire - especially if you think that you'd like a small town retirement

Best Places to Retire Find Them Overseas

Of course, if you're contemplating permanent foreign residence, look for the best places to retire Find out about considerations, such as crime, poverty, currency fluctuations and whether the local authorities will allow you to work.  However this is an option worth exploring if you happen to be on the average retirement income and you want to boost it's purchasing power.

However, and having regard to the most expensive elements of a retirement overseas is the cost of travel back "home" and also maintaining medical and hospital insurance, of the "top ten popular countries" research favors France, as it's not too far away, the food and culture are both stimulating, and the national health service will look after you in old age.

And of course there are other idyllic locations if you don't need to continue to generate an income -  Bali in particular  comes to mind.

And of course, if you want to discuss issues with us in more detail and personally, feel free to contact our professional consultancy practice.  

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